Price List for 2020 / 2021
School Year Muhlenberg Elementary and Intermediate:
  $100.00 Wk for before and after school
  $80.00/ Wk for before OR after school
  $18.00/Day before or after school (Part Time defined as less then 4 hours per day)

Items that require an additional charge:
 School closed / Snow cancelation. Lunch will be provided.    $23.00
 Early dismissal ( lunch provided if not provided by the school). $18.00
 2 hour delay   $10.00
 Note: These charges are in addition to your normal rate.

Late fees: 
$10.00 / 10 minutes after 5:30 p.m.

Summer Program:
  $160.00 / Wk. for full-time ( Full-time is defined as 4 days or more with 4 hours or more) 
  $40.00/Day for Part-time  (Part time is defined as less then 4 hours per. Day)

​  Note: Field trips may carry an additional cost.

Registration Fee: $30.00

ELRC / CCW accepted

Payment due Monday proceeding the week of service.  A $5.00/Day late fee will be applied if not paid by Friday.