Latch Key Program
  For the school year we offer a latch key program for Children 5 thru 12.
Kindergarten children must be enrolled in all day classes.

  Breakfast is provided until 8:00AM.

  At Sprauting Up we transport the children to and from school daily. We have a short bus which meets or exceeds state regulations.  This bus is equipped with seat belts and booster seats for your childs safety.

  After school snack is served.  Children have the opportunity to do their homework or have free time to play at one of the various playstations.

  We offer care for half days and full days off school.  We also cover snow delays and early dismissals. (At an additional charge -See price list)

  Lunch will be provide for half days, full days. And snow days off school.

  Arts/Crafts are done for the different seasons and holidays.