Welcome to Sprauting Up Daycare LLC.
  Greetings Everyone,
   On Aug. 23/2019 (after providing School-age daycare for families in the Muhlenberg School District for 31 years) Carol Sprout retired. ( We wish Carol all the best in her retirement)
   Rosemarie J. Hoppes & Samuel J. Reimert purchased Sprauting Up Daycare
from Carol creating Sprauting Up Daycare LLC. The program will remain a school-age program.

  Att Sprauting Up Daycare LLC we are listed as a "Group Home" by the state. As a group home we have a limited enrollment so your child will receive more personal attention. Because of our limited enrollment and active programs we limit our age group to 5 - 12 year olds.  Our mission is to have a safe and family oriented atmosphere in our daycare.

  We want you as a parent to feel secure that we are doing everything we can to take the best care of your child and you need not worry while you are at work.

    Rosemarie and Samuel maintain all state training certificates and clearances including first aid and CPR.

  Thank You for your interest in our daycare and we hope we can assist you in your daycare needs.

Thank you, Be safe, God Bless